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Dave Roberts has been running a highly successful deep sea angling charter business from Minehead in the Bristol Channel for over 40 years . Times have certainly changed since the early days as a 16 year old lad chartering  in the iconic 'Lilian' from nearby Porlock Weir. Following a series of hugely successful self-builds he now skippers the ‘AlyKat’  named after daughters Ali and Katie.

The Bristol Channel is rich in variety when it comes to angling with access to reef, sand bank , wreck, general bottom fishing and the jewel in the crown, Lundy Island.  Whilst it does not tend to produce record breaking sizes for many of the species, it boasts in excess of 45 different species.

Dave is able to offer a wide range of deep sea angling experiences throughout the year so contact him to discuss your particular requirements.

Minehead is a tidal harbour which means trips will vary in start times and duration and prices will vary depending on type and duration of your trip.

Chartering Past 
Chartering Present
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