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Absolute Angling

Catch and Conserve

The ultimate guide to deep-sea fishing in all seasons

Having spent nearly fifty years operating charter angling trips in the Bristol Channel, I decided to write a book! ‘Absolute Angling’ contains lots of information regarding tactics and techniques. It’s purpose is aimed at making your day at sea not only more productive, but more pleasurable. We take into account the different seasons and the fish that occur most frequently therein. There are over eighty full colour photographs, you may well be in there! Also included are techniques regarding fish preparation and even a few recipes for those who like to eat what they catch!

Absolute Angling is also available direct from this website as a signed copy, delivered to your door! (allow 3-5 business days).


ONLY  £14.99 including delivery (UK only)


‘Absolute Angling’ is now available on Amazon as paperback and Kindle

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